iWedding Deluxe - the Wedding Planner for iPhone

iWedding Deluxe is an iPhone iOS 8 wedding planner designed

with love to provide you a feature packed planning experience.

It will organize, guide and inspire you while keeping all the vital information at

your fingertips.  iWedding Deluxe includes many great features:

Todo lists, Guest lists, Seating Plans, Budget Planning, Notes, Photos, vendor details, Wedding Guides, Inspiration and much much more.

Guest lists with multiple selection and addition from contacts.

Seating planner + meal choices

Fully customizable general To-do list

Scheduled to-do list from 'The Details'

Keep track of general Notes

Keep Notes in 'The Details' vendors

Add photos from Camera and Photos

View them just like 'Photos' app

Record all vendor info in ‘The Details’

Create custom Business modules

Information and Guides

Inspiration, Ideas and Wedding News

Keep track of all your wonderful

wedding gifts with Gift tracker

First Dance Suggestions from iTunes

Select music from the Music app



How do I change the currency used in iWedding Deluxe?

You don't! The currency is automatically set depending on the current International->Region Format in Apple 'Settings' app.

How can I back up my iWedding Deluxe Data in case my device is lost/stolen/broken or other software issue?


All 3rd party app data is normally backed up when synced to iTunes or backed up to iCloud. Please see Apple Support pages http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4946 and http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4859 for more information.

Can iWedding Deluxe sync its data between multiple devices?

Not Yet! This is a feature we would love to add to iWedding Deluxe but currently iCloud does not allow 3rd party data to be shared between 2 different iCloud accounts

How can I delete / remove items when there is no ‘Edit’ button in the top right corner?

iWedding Deluxe uses the same method as many of Apple's own apps such as the Music app - you simply swipe your finger from right to left along the row that you wish to delete - a red button will be revealed.

I preferred the old style of iWedding Deluxe, why did you change it?

iWedding Deluxe has been available for 5 years on the App Store. With the release of iOS 8, we are taking the opportunity to revamp the app to the latest iOS style.


Do you have a feature request? or maybe something not behaving as expected while using iWedding Deluxe? or even if you simply want to say hello and give some feedback - contact us at:

Please note: We can only provide support in English

Before emailing for support, we would request that you update to iOS8 and v2.6 of iWedding Deluxe.


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