Tap the Info button in the top left corner to access the ‘Settings’ to change the Budget available.

Tap the arrow to go to Budget section

‘Spent’ is calculated from the main Budget section.


Automatic Budgeting

Automatic budgeting is activated in the   Apple ‘Settings’ app.


You can add extra budget items that     you dont wish to enter into 'The Details'

Tap Edit / Done to activate the ability to add, delete and move extra Budget items.

The ‘Total Cost’ of each Item from ‘The Details’ section are listed under the ‘Detail Items’ heading.

Manual Budgeting

Items are not automatically added and only itmes which are entered manually are listed.


Each item listed requires a Name, a cost and a budget section it generally belongs in.


The total for all items in the section in available in the header for the section.


Edit the item by tapping on the row.


Budget Assistant

The assistant places each item, whether it is automatically or manually added, in a relevant budget category.


Each budget category has an approximate wedding industry percentage target and also calculates how much out of you total budget it represents.

Please note: this list is automatically generated and is not directly editable.

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