Name of Module.


This is the module name.  Some of our examples are Venue, Rings, Stationery, Photographer.


We have called our new module ‘Wedding Bands’.



Budget Category for Module.


Place the new module in one of budget categories. This is to aid the correct addition with the budget assistant.


Click  ‘Done’  to move on.....

Do you need a Photos Section?


Choose if you want photos link on the details page.


Please note: even if you set ‘No’, the name of a business added to this module will still appear in the the main Photos Section choice list.  This setting only determines if you can access the specific business photos in its details section.



Do you need Extended Payment Info?


Choose if you want the Extended Payment Info i.e. Deposit amount, date due, paid, Balance date due and paid.


Click ‘Next’ to move on....

These settings determine what type of information you can record about a business in your module.





You just mix and match to suit your needs.





Click ‘Next’ to move on....

This view shows you a representation of how your details screen will look.


The Top row and the bottom 2 rows are not editable.



Here you are able to change the name of the row and the order which they appear.

Move the rows to our desired order.


To move a row, Press and hold on the re-order icon and then drag the row, and drop it in the desired location.

Tap a row to select and enter editing mode.


Delete the placeholder text and enter your own.


In our example, we entered ‘Collection Date’.


Tap Done to dismiss the keyboard.


Now Tap Save.


Please note:  once it is saved, then you cannot edit a custom module. You would need to delete it and build it again.


Let’s check out our new module in action....

Navigate back to ‘Home’ Screen and choose ‘The Details’ tab.


You will now notice a new header has appeared at the bottom titled - ‘Custom Module Section’


We now need to show your new module.


Tap ‘Edit’.


Tap Show more modules

Now add your new module

Add a business.


We added a ‘Just the name’ option called ‘The Band Business’.



Here is the custom module with some details.




Please note: the total cost will not be automatically calculated - you need to enter the total cost manually.

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