Automatic Budgeting


If ‘On’ then iWedding Deluxe will take all the total cost data of every ‘The Details’ item and place them in the budget view.  You can still add extra items.


Please Note: the items will only be shown in budget if ‘Show in Budget’ is ticked in the detail screen of each business in ‘The Details’ section.

Meal Choices


If ‘On’ then the guest detail screen will have a meal choice row available

Reset iWedding - Reset Screen?


If ‘On’ then the next time iWedding Deluxe is launched a simple screen will be displayed asking whether it should delete ALL DATA and default back to a fresh installation.  It will ask you twice just to be certain.

Extra Guest Details


If ‘On’ then all guests who are ‘Invited all Day’ or ‘Wedding Party’ member will have an extra section in their details. The section allows you to record


• Male / female

• Adult / child

• Bride / groom side


The Gender setting for each guest will indicate gender on each row of the seating plan view to allow easy arrangement.


The Guest Summary module in ‘The People’ will also have extra summary information displayed.

Internet Image Cache


If 'On' then the next time iWedding Deluxe is launched the image cache for Inspiration will be deleted.


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