At a glance

Tap to export the currently available selections of module information.

Tap to activate the ability to add and hide detail modules.

‘The Details’ has many useful modules, including:


• Wedding Modules

• Reception Modules

• Honeymoon Modules

• Wedding Party Modules

• Custom Modules

Add a Business to a Category

Each Details module can have multiple businesses added.  This allows the creation of a potential list of businesses - such as a list of venues.  When a decision is made or a business is booked then mark it appropriately or delete the others from the list.

Business Details

You can add notes for every business that will show in the notes section on the 'Home' screen

Tap to go to ‘Contacts’ details or if the guest is a ‘Just the Name’ then go to editing mode to change the name.

When the Budget is set to be calculated automatically, you can tap on the row to toggle ‘Show in Budget’.

‘Total Cost’ is the amount shown that will be shown in the Budget section.

‘Payment Info Shown’ toggles the display of the extra payment info for deposit and balance.

The Dates recorded in ‘Payment Info’ will be added the the ‘Scheduled To-do’ items with payment details.


They can be marked as paid in Scheduled to-do section.

Export Information

The choices available will change depending on which detail modules are currently on show.


You can export info for:


• Wedding Section

• Reception Section

• Honeymoon Section

• Wedding Party Section

• Custom Modules

• All Details



Please note: Custom module choice will only be available if you have created a custom module and it is currently showing.

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