At a glance

Guide me

• Provides some useful information for many aspects of wedding planning. They can also be exported by email.


Inspire me

• Provides inspiration from our business affiliates and other sources such as iTunes



• Provides a map and local business search for either your current location or a set location



• Provides a blog / RSS reader. We have pre-populated it with many popular blogs

Inspire me

You can tap on the photo to bring up the source of the inspiration in a web browser

Share the current inspiration item

You can scroll through the inspiration photos


Tap on the contact symbol to add the business to your contacts

Tap to centre and auto-zoom the map to show all current businesses

Tap to fetch the next 8 businesses (if available).

The Locate map displays 8 businesses at a time.

Please note: The search data is retrieved from ‘Google Local Search’ and we cannot guarantee the validity or accuracy of this data.

Tap to display the map settings - to change map type and set the other location.

News / Blogs

The top ‘iWedding Deluxe’ news feed cannot be deleted.

Tap to add a new feed / blog.

‘Swipe to Delete’ to reveal the delete button to remove a feed / blog.

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