At a glance

Tap to export  available module information to email -

Readable email or CSV file

(numbers/excel format)

Tap to activate the ability to add and hide guest modules.

The People section has many useful modules including:


• Wedding Party

• Master Guest list

• Invited All Day

• Just the Evening

• Yet to RSVP

• Seating Plan

• Rehearsal Seating Plan

• Gift Tracker

• Guest Summary


Add a guest

Guests can be added from 4 places:


• from iPhone Contacts

        We collect all the names in your ‘Contacts’ app  and display a multi-choice list. You can select multiple people from your address book and add them as guests at the same time.


• with a New Contact

        You can add someone as a guest while at the same time creating a new Contact in your address book.


• with Just the Name

        This provides a way to add a guest without interacting with the ‘Contacts’ app at all.  You must enter a First and a Last Name for every guest.


• by adding +1 to a current guest

        This provides a way to add a guest by taking the guest name and adding +1 to the end of the surname. This gives you the option of changing the name later.

Remove a guest

Filter the guest list to All listed or only those attending

Swipe to delete:  Swipe your finger along the row right to left you wish to remove.  This action will reveal a remove button.  Tap this button to confirm removal of the guest from the guest list.

This action will work in Wedding Party, Master, Just the Evening and Invited All Day Guest Lists.

Sort the guest list by first or last name

Guest Details

Reception table number can only be set to a table that currently exists.  To change the number of tables then go to ‘Seating Plan’ option and choose ‘Number of Tables’.

Rehearsal Table Number row will only appear when the guest is added to rehearsal seating plan in ‘Rehearsal’ module.

Please Note: hiding the ‘Seating Plan’ module in ‘The People’ section will cause the Reception Meal and table rows to be hidden in a guest’s details.

Tap to go to ‘Contacts’ details or if the guest is a ‘Just the Name’ then go to editing mode to change the name.

‘Reception Meal’ option will only be visible when ‘Meal Choices’ is turned on in iWedding Deluxe section of ‘Settings’ app.

Gender, Age and Side will only be visible if ‘Extra Guest Details’ is turned on in iWedding Deluxe section of ‘Settings’ app.

Seating Planner

We will use the photo of the guest if they have been added from 'Contacts'

Tap Edit / Done to activate the ability to move guests around the tables.

Press and Hold this icon to lift the guest up and move the guest around.

Change the number of tables

Gift Tracker

Press and Hold on a guest to bring up a quick toggle menu

The green tick indicates when a Thank you has been marked as sent

Filter the gift tracker to All gifts or only those still need a thank you sending

Tap to add a new gift from any guest in iWedding Deluxe.

‘Swipe to Delete’ on a row to reveal the delete button.

Sort the gift list by gift or grouped by guest

Export Information

The choices available will change depending which guest modules are currently on show.


You can export info for:


• Invited All Day

• Just the Evening

• Reception Seating Plan

• Rehearsal Seating Plan

• Gift Tracking


Information can be exported as a readable email or as an attachment CSV file which can be imported into Numbers or Excel

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