The quickview to-do list is fully scrollable

Tap the arrow to go to the to-do list

Tap a row to mark it as completed.


The completion of an item will animate for 3 seconds, you can tap again to cancel the completion at anytime during the animation.

At a glance

The list will automatically scroll to the next to complete to-do item whenever you enter the list.

Tap to activate the ability to add, remove and move general to-do items.

There are 2 types of To-do list - the manually created ‘General List’  and the automatically created ‘Scheduled List’.


The ‘General List’ can be fully edited to match your needs.


The ‘Scheduled List’ is created from ‘The Details’ section. Whenever a date component is entered, an to-do item entry is created in this list.


Toggle between the 2 lists using the choice button in the top title bar.


General To-do's

Tap the export button to email the to-do list


Press and Hold this icon to lift the to-do item up and move the item around.


Scheduled To-do's

This list is automatically created from ‘The Details’ section so you cannot edit it directly.


You are able to ‘complete’ certain items without needing to find the business in ‘The Details’ section.


To complete items, such as deposit paid and balance paid, tap on the row.


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